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[Life at INTEC]

Dear diary and readers,

This is my first time I write my personal story in my blog. The main purpose is to practice English and improve my writing essay. It is beyond my imagination to take International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as part of my tertiary education. As we all know, IELTS is a subject taken by people who will be working as an English teacher and hard to carry on. I don't really font of English so, my mind ponders about surviving this subject in a long period of time. Am I able to achieve excellence mark beyond the surface? As I'm an introvert so, I love mumbling in my blog rather than talk to people in English. 

It has been two weeks I stayed at the college located at the middle of the town and I'm glad it is surrounded by numerous public facilities. So far so good. In my eyes, it is true INTEC Educational College is a superior college accumulated with hundreds of extraordinary students with outstanding results and performances. Most of them got flying colours in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and are very good in English. In order to compete, I have to pull up socks to walk off a remarkable achievement in examination. Success doesn't come easy. So, I have to try my best to adopt English as my tongue language. Yosh!

Being a girl, taking an a level education is a thing sounds impressive but challenging. As a student, I need time to adapt the new environment as result of the evacuation. I stay up late at night but wake up early in the morning. I eat inferior food for saving and keep rushing for classes - all of these are now part and parcel of my life. I know I did went to the Integrated Boarding School of Jempol but not even a year at the hostel, I thrown myself out from the school. Eventually, I went back to my old school in the village. I'm terribly a homesick girl. Yet I don't want to continue being such a claustrophobic person, I stuck and end up being the same me all the time! Well, I guess this time at INTEC "I'll have to break out of the box!" I tried to secure myself. I'm not living in a confine village anymore so, I must grow up to become independent and bare with all situations. Ouh god, may my determination bring forth me to become more confident lady in the future. 

At the village, my family members are all eager to see me fly abroad yet I'm still in the country. They non stop talking about their vacation planing to drop me a visit at the United Kingdom when I'm in college. Well, the reality is I'm not yet guarantee listed in the 50 tops universities placement. In their mind, the reality is set in a different way. That's what folks did when they heard about something exciting. Despite the pleasure, my heart races in agony as JPA informed about the withdrawal of the scholarship for students with marks below than 10 cut of point. Now, I feel freak about the future. There are a lot of questions prompted in my mind. What if I fail the test? Will I still manage to further my studies in the overseas? What about my family's dream to set their foot at the Hollywood? I started thinking of going to burn the midnight oil to struggle for my studies.

My first impression towards INTEC was extremely different from what I expected before I entered the per-university. It was a typical Saturday night as I told my senior, a doctor graduated from Australia about my scholarship at the INTEC. I instantly received a hard reply from her about the savage culture there. I probably shock at the first outset, she claimed. Suddenly, I felt insecure. I hope the rumor wasn't true. I wished to mingle with people who could bring me closer to Allah. Somehow I'm sured I will receive an opportunity to live in bi'ah solehah 'cause I badly want to be a good muslimah. 
I believed in the power of du'a. I believed.

A month before I got an offering letter from MARA, I prayed hard to get a placement at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) but unfortunately my application was rejected. Instead, I have been reserved a place at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Puncak Alam for Foundation in Pure Science. My dreams were crushed and I let out a wail. Thought of going to take a science course, I don't put much hope of getting MARA scholarship. I planned to become a dentist as for some hidden reasons, my family disliked me involved in doctoral at the UiTM. I was in a dilemma for months before I decided to go for an a level economics at the per-university. I did my istikharah and let Him choose the best for me. At last He showed me the way. I finally did a win-win situation and switched from science to arts stream to please my parents who absolutely wanted me to stay out of the doctor professions.

While I was in INTEC, I joined an association called PSC. PSC is the abbreviation of Professional Students Society and is well known as an Islamic organization among the students. The members are mostly selected by the seniors according to strong Islamic belief and academic accomplishment. Normally, people who intend to change to a better person are warm welcomed. All praises to Allah, I have been selected as part of the members in SMART Group. The purpose of SMART group is to produce students that are all rounded. The members must be able to emulate good moral values and spread the goodness of Islam.

Finally, my prayers were answered. I was able to meet sisters who shared the same mind like me in the SMART Group and aspired to practice Islam as a way of life. Together we shared a fount of information about the day of judgment, recited the Quran and dined to build a strong bonding between the seniors and the juniors.

I was so grateful to realize the rumor was wrong. From now onwards, I refuse to believe any bad rumors I heard about INTEC. Instead, I found INTEC is a home for people who want to satisfy their heart and feed their soul with iman. It is a place full with intellectuals and filled with tarbiyyah.




♥ Hidup akan lebih indah andai diterangi hidayah ALLAH ♥

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